sunset bright photohome.  a place of unity, love and understanding (an adopted phrase from my dear friend Kitty).

this is the place to journey, or caravan, with me into the depths of Love.  Love is a person.  Love lives in me.  Jesus is his name.  join me in discovering him and his vast kingdom!  it’s a kingdom whose foundation is Love, and a place where joy overflows like a swelling river.


in here, you’ll find poetry, Biblical ponderings, life questions (and some answers), music, photos and all the expressions of Love that pour over me on this journey… err, caravan.  i say caravan because that implies a group of people traveling together.  i love family gatherings, and we’re all family.  would love for you to join this caravan.

that said, be at rest.  help yourself to the bounty Love is offering today.  post comments, write to me or fill me in on your perspective as we caravan together!


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